1080 Group, LLC

1080 Group, LLC

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Many ask, what does “1080” mean? Take a peek inside Bekah’s Barista

June, 2006. Bekah’s Barista coffee shop.

Conferencing industry veterans Roger Courville & Scott Driscoll are catching up, not intending to start another company (both were co-founders at Corvent which was acquired by Intercall). As they often do, they started musing on “What are the big trends, and what will people need to succeed?”

The short answer: education. Every maturing market always spawns new markets of related technologies and/or know-how.

A baby is born

Over the next few weeks they ran the numbers, hatched a plan, and realized they needed a name. What they knew was that it wasn’t likely to be an “Amazon” or “Monster” type of brand. More importantly, the question was, “How do we embody what we value?”

And then the clincher.

They needed it fast so they could incorporate…so they could open a bank account, rent an office, register a domain, all that.

“So,” they asked, “what does it take to really rock a virtual presentation or webinar, regardless of whether it’s marketing, sales, or training?”

Project excellence: the “producer” or “planner” isn’t just using a web-conferencing solution; they’re often herding cats (coordinating rehearsals and other people/roles), choosing other technologies, and many other things.

Promotional excellence: the “promoter” not only needs to understand and execute against foundational principles of marketing, but do so in the context of unique qualities of webinars. And yes, even non-marketers could use some help here.

Presentation excellence: the “presenter” needs to do more than have slides and talk. They need to engage logically, emotionally, visually, aurally, and interactively.

“Hmmm…three core disciplines, each needing a 360-degree perspective. With not one guru, but a collective intelligence that comes from experience and research…”

<insert heavens opening, angels singing, and some sweeping-off-you-feet movie soundtrack here>

3 X 360 = 1080. Group.

Five years later…

High definition TVs are using 1080 pixels. There’s a controversial pesticide in New Zealand whose catalog number is (you guessed it). Those weren’t on the radar five years ago, and who knows what five years from now brings.

Webex was acquired by Cisco, Netviewer by Citrix, and a bunch of acquisitions that later became Adobe Connect, IBM/Lotus Sametime, or Intercall solutions. And many newcomers (some even pretty sexy) that we try to keep track of for you.

Yet one thing is still true.

Time and technologies come and go. The need for professional skills development does not.

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