Welcome to today’s TrainingMagNetwork extras page

Welcome, all! Thanks for joining @trainmagnetwork and me for a fun session! As promised, here are the extras (minus the book and copy of the deck, which was only here for participants in the live event…but you can still get it and the aging-but-still-useful bullets-to-visuals tutorial when you join the email list).

Oh, and help a brother out? I’m working on a 10th-anniversary research project about video conferencing — Would you kindly share your experience with in a short survey for my next analysis report (like the ones below)? THANK YOU!

Now, on to the extras…




A 2-min video that demonstrates the different sound qualities of mics

And a bit from Dr. Albert Mehrabian (google “Merhrabian myth”).

Of course, if I can assist in thinking through webinars and virtual classrooms, training your crew, or even being a moderator/emcee, holler anytime.

Peace. And be safe.


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P.P.S I also have a daily Bible podcast (if that’s your kinda thing).