Is presenting online really that different than presenting in person?

Yes.  It’s the passion behind this blog.  Here’s my intro to the subject.

Do you sell or refer web, video, or audio conferencing?  Do you provide webinar production services?

No.  1080 Group is independent and unbiased in analysis, training, and consulting for individuals and companies.  And because I’m an old-timer in the space, conferencing firms hire me to speak and write as a subject matter expert.  But I can’t be trying to help them help their customers (individuals and companies) and competing with them at the same time.

If you want to source web, video, or audio conferencing (or production services) we can help you identify and refine your needs and business case, but you’ll need to contact a vendor or reseller yourself.

How is 1080 Group different?

Conferencing vendors provide training on their products & services, and some provide production services if you don’t want to do it yourself.

Most individuals and companies create and manage their own conferencing.  But as you’ll often hear me say, “Microsoft Word doesn’t make you a writer.  And a conferencing tool doesn’t produce stellar web seminars or deliver great presentations.  They’re tools, not skills.”

So 1080 Group focuses on skills and business productivity above an beyond product training:
–    online presentation, demonstration, and training skills
–    how to establish manage web seminar projects, programs, and processes
–    web seminar promotion

For vendors related to presenting online, 1080 Group provides subject matter expertise in the form of speaking and writing white papers.  Contact me for examples.

For all ~ 1080 Group humbly shares bona fide old-timer resumes in the world of web seminars.  As we used to teach our teams when we worked for conferencing vendors:

Professionalism isn’t what happens when everything goes right.  Professionalism is what happens when everything goes wrong.

And that only comes with experience.

What is the difference between TheVirtualPresenter.com, the Web Seminar Tips e-newsletter, and tools like Web Seminar Planner’s Toolkit?

The Virtual Presenter is Roger’s blog dedicated to the presenter and online presentation skills.  This includes places you can watch to learn.

Web Seminar Tips is one quick tip, twice-monthly for planners/producers.  Free.

The Web Seminar Planner’s Toolkit is a collection of editable checklists, how-tos, and wisdom content (e.g., 130+ RFP questions) for planners/producers that will radically jumpstart moving from novice to skilled execution of webinars.

Why would I want the Web Seminar Planner’s Toolkit if the Web Seminar Tips e-newsletter is free?

1)    It contains stuff we’ll never put in “Tips.”  Editable checklists, timelines, charts, RFP questions…you get the idea.
2)    For the price, you’ll save hours of time putting together your own checklists, charts, etc.
3)    For the price, the Toolkit includes some 1-on-1 time.  Priceless.