Speaking & Training

“Speaking” come in many shapes and styles, onsite and online. Everything I do is customized; there is no “program in a box.”

I commit to the event.
I never show up, do my gig, and go home. Meeting people before and after, participating (and promoting) via social media, shooting a YouTube video or writing a newsletter article in advance, being available for special Q&A at a lunch table…that’s what I do. It’s also why my keynotes are usually paired with breakout sessions or other follow up. You get more for the money, but more importantly, your audience gets more than content – they get access.

I commit to personalization.
No two sessions are ever exactly the same – they’re always tailored for you. If you want “in the box, same as the last one,” I’m not your guy. I’ll listen to your goals, interview your stakeholders, and agree on a set of learning objectives to ensure a win-win program that is just for you.

I commit to the medium.
I rock the virtual world, but the ex-musician in me is just as comfortable on an in-person stage. You’ll hear me say it over and over…they both have their place.

I commit to interaction.
“Show up and throw up” doesn’t cut it. Want everyone to watch the presentation and be able to submit questions on their iPhone while sitting in an in-person audience? Say the word. And you KNOW that’s what I do online, too. Oh, and a little game-show action like, “Are You Smarter than the Average Webinar Presenter?” Love that stuff.

I commit to a balance of expertise and story.
Mine isn’t an “almost died in a plane crash” story, but anecdotes, illustrations, case studies, and a host of real life successes and bloopers from a multi-decade career in the virtual communications industry helps the learning land. Often in a pretty darn funny way.

Next steps
Call me directly (+1.503.329.1662) or holler via the medium of your choice, give me 15 minutes to understand your audience and goals, and I’ll send you a list of ideas that will make it easy for you.