“Hello and welcome to today’s webinar, blah blah blah.”

If you want a glorified telephone operator, I’m not your guy.

If you want a webinar and voice pro, I’d be honored to serve.

I commit to making your presenters the stars of the show.
Your audience wants presenters to succeed, and that’s the goal. The first task of a virtual emcee is to make them look good, perhaps even better than they are.

I commit to the pre-work.
I have a highly specific set of questions that I ask every presenter to A) gauge their comfort level, strengths, weaknesses and B) create a plan to elevate them while delivering the virtual event experience you wish to deliver. Again, unlike me speaking or training, this is nothing about me.

I commit to the medium.
I don’t care which platform you use — GoToWebinar, Zoom, Webex, Adobe Connect, or that weird little platform nobody’s ever heard of (you do know there are 100+ webinar softwares, right?). I’ve used most of them, but more importantly, I’ll do the work to turn your virtual event into an interactive, engaging audience experience so that the presenter doesn’t have to.

Next steps
Call me directly (+1.503.329.1662) or holler via the medium of your choice, give me 15 minutes to understand your audience and goals, and I’ll send you a list of ideas that will make it easy for you.