Thank you.  Helping the world better communicate in a live, virtual environment is what we’re made to do here at 1080 Group, but it’s a partnership – with you.

For Roger’s curriculum vitae, including a long list of past presentations, visit here.

 Roger may teach you about virtual presentations, but it’s REAL money that you could be making!!!  He is the expert when it comes to monetizing digital presentations and programs.

Jeffrey Hayzlett
Global business celebrity, former Fortune 100 CMO
The Hayzlett Group

 Roger Courville opened up my mind when he spoke to our NSA chapter!  I thought his talk would be “How to Join the Masses in Offering Webinars that Nobody Watches” – or, maybe, “How everything you do in person is better in a webinar – don’t miss the profits!”.  Instead we got a wonderful speaker with a practical orientation, and a guy who’s made 7-figures working virtually!  A session with Roger is a practical guide to how to add virtual to the mix of what we offer, and stop leaving so much money on the table (a phrase Roger uses often, and with impact)!


Lenann McGookey Gardner
Lenann McGookey Gardner Management Consulting, Inc.
Sales and Marketing POWER for Your Business!

Roger, I wanted to write to thank you for the great information you provide in The Virtual Presenter’s Handbook. I found it and your webinar very helpful. We are beginning to provide lots of remote learning sessions and I will be recommending your book to our facilitators as we move from the traditional classroom to this new and exciting way of delivering training. Let me know when the next book comes out! 

 A.D. Roberta Whitby
Learning Officer
Training and Learning Directorate

Thanks for the useful webinar. It will save me at least 5 times the amount of time I spent in the webinar. That’s a great return on investment even before accounting for frustration avoided!

Joe Uhl

This was the first time our Southeast Wisconsin ASTD chapter tried a webinar for one of our meetings instead of the normal face to face program. Roger Courville presented an excellent webinar to the chapter.  I received many unsolicited comments from our members telling me that the information on how to “Design” a webinar was terrific.  It was just what was needed to get started with creating great webinars.  

Roger gave the group many tips and ideas on how to present.  Roger has a great way of presenting material and connecting with his audience virtually.  He also was great to work with as we were planning the webinar.  I would highly recommend Roger to your company or organization he helps take the fear out using webinars as a training tool.  In this age of virtual worlds, Roger is ahead of the game and doing great work. 

Rose Meagher
Program Committee
ASTD – Southeast Wisconsin

I have only done one webinar, and the sponsor insisted I read from a script. Yuck, I have never read to a live audience, my presentations are always experiential and interactive. I want to do webinars for my own company, but  I was struggling to make the translation to the online environment. 

Then I watched Roger Couville’s From Aargh! to Zen: Plan, Design, & Deliver Engaging Virtual Presentations. Finally the light started to come on. I need to think about doing many of the same things I do live, I just need to shift the focus to different details. I had been allowing the technology to dictate my approach instead of focusing on design principles and creating an experience.

Now I am much clearer about what I need to do to create a successful webinar. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I feel confident that I can create a design plan.  

Christine Martell

Roger is an effective, dynamic speaker.  In his one-hour webinar, I got a clear picture of what I had to do.  My background of teaching live for 13 years at technologically complex levels gave me stage fright when I thought of deploying a webinar.  I know how to write, I know how to talk, and I know to teach but quite frankly, virtual presentations put me back in the kindergarten group.  Roger made me rethink what I was planning to do in building the webinar and identify how I can visually translate that into a capturing webinar.  Now I’m looking forward to building the webinar, not lying awake at night dreading it.  Thank you, Roger.

 Pamela Lyons, MCSE, MCT
The Queen of QuickBooks

Just finished the Virtual Presenter’s Handbook and, as you requested, wanted to reach out with some feedback.  First, let me say the information you provided was top-notch – really great practices and techniques for delivering via the web.  I really liked the way you wrote to both the sales person (presenting/pitching to clients) and communications/training person (delivering an internal message/workshop). It helped me to see how I could best use web delivery to have more of an impact on my organization.  I also liked your down-to-earth, no-nonsense delivery; the last thing I needed was a lot of theory and ‘history of the web’ – I just needed to know two things: what am I doing now that I can improve and what else could I do to make my webinars more effective. You delivered on those personal objectives with flying colors. Lastly, I’m glad you didn’t spend a lot of time discussing potential web tools – this was truly a book about presenting, not selecting technology.

 I will recommend the book to others who want to make improvements to their delivery over the web.
 Again, thank you!

 John Konselman
Training Manager, Organizational Development

I just wanted to say that you did an awesome job yesterday during your presentation. One thing I think that was not mentioned too much was the state of mind of the presenter.  To have an engage audience, there must be an engaged presenter/teacher/coach/mentor.  I felt you absolutely were engaged.  I have listened to far too many webinars where the presenter was multi tasking and it was obvious. 

Thank you dearly for your time, I know how precious THAT is to people.

Matt Petroski

The world of virtual presenting has morphed exponentially in the last couple of years. Through higher quality interactive tools we can reach beyond borders and walls to connect people and organizations unlike ever before. On one hand this is a great way for people like me to develop and deliver a business model that can reach nearly anywhere on earth!

But the challenge is that a new medium requires new messages, and new ways of conveying ideas. The old “death by PowerPoint” — developed for a stand up in the front of the room delivery — is no longer relevant in the world of virtual connectivity.

We need to deliver a new kind of message, one that can withstand the competition of scores of multi tasking options, and designed to accommodate our “info-tainment” mentality.

Roger’s seminal work on the optimization of virtual collaboration technology is now supported by a strong design about how to present ideas visually and aurally in this new medium. The ideas flow easily, seamlessly and in a visually stimulating format.  Support with an interactive learning guide optimizes the learning experience. This work is an essential leap in morphing our messages and delivery to accommodate the technology that brings us together for common purposes.

 I know 1080 Group’s Rapid Webinar PowerPoint™ template will make my learning offer more powerfully effective and engaging. That’s good for my clients, and for me.

 Lea McLeod, M.A.
Degrees of Transition LLC