LTEN Class Extras

Welcome, all! Thanks for joining @LTEN and me for a fun class! As promised, here are the extras — no opt-in required. 

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Yup! It’s a real book (albeit only in digital form now).


Finish “analyze, map, discover” for the interaction you’re adapting

  • Analyze: List all elements of the interaction
  • Map/adapt: Adapt it to your tools (BONUS: do it for more than one interaction scenario
  • Discover: Find one thing you can do better (or uniquely) in your online class

(Please consider sharing your “Discover” at the beginning of the next class)

Camera cuts: watch any 10 minutes of TV and count the number of “camera cuts”

Discover your “words per minute” rate of speaking here:


Remember: You may need to right-click to download.

The Virtual Presenter’s Playbook

Convert Your In-Presentations to Online (white paper)

Why Webinar Attendees Leave Early (white paper)

Boost Your Video Conferencing Image (white paper)


As a value-add for you (and as a thank you for your support of LTEN), each of you are entitled to a complimentary coaching session and set of customizable producer checklists. Booking info will be given at the end of the second class.

Of course, if I can assist in thinking through webinars and virtual classrooms, training your crew, or even being a moderator, holler anytime.

Peace and be safe,

~ Roger

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