Welcome to the extras page for the LTEN webinar

Welcome, all! Thanks for joining @LTEN and me for a fun webinar! As promised, here are the extras — no opt-in required. 

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Yup. It’s a real book, albeit only available digitally now.


The Extras

NOTE: You may need to right-click to download. Issues? Shoot me a note — roger@thevirtualpresenter.com

Boost Your Video Conferencing Image (white paper)

Video Conferencing Checklist (one page, based of previous study, easy to share)

Convert Your In-Presentations to Online (white paper)

Why Webinar Attendees Leave Early (white paper)

Of course, if I can assist in thinking through webinars and virtual classrooms, training your crew, or even being a moderator (like Erica did today), holler anytime.

Peace and be safe,

~ Roger

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