Roger Courville

Roger Courville has been called “the Michael Jordan of online presentations and virtual classes” and “the ultimate content marketing weapon.”

Most of the time, though, he’s a just an exceedingly normal guy who speaks, trains, consults, and writes about psychosocial effectiveness when communicating via web/audio/video conferencing (e.g., webinars/web seminars, virtual presentations, webcasts, virtual classrooms).

A veteran of the web conferencing industry (since the modem days of 1999), Roger has taught tens of thousands people worldwide, and he’s reached tens of thousands more with writing appearances, interviews, and while sitting in airports.

His 2008 white paper “Five Keys to Moving Training Online” won’s Reader’s Choice Award for “Top Download of the Year.”

What else should you know?

  • He’s not a big fan of the word “webinar,” but he’s smart enough to use it on this blog for SEO purposes.
  • His future-thinking keynotes about trends, connectorship, and the impact of technology on relationship are more like pragmatic training sessions than “talk at you” keynotes.
  • His life calling is helping people have aha! moments, master new skills, and rock new stages.
  • He’s a good husband and dad, bad guitarist, and pretty much eats anything.


Curriculum Vitae


  • International Rising Star – National Speakers Association of the United States award and designee for the Global Speakers Federation summit (2013)
  • Regional champion – Toastmasters (2012)
  • “So You Think You Can Speak” – National Speakers Association – Oregon Chapter Winner, National Finalist (Apr 2011)
  • “Best Conference Session” – Northwest Job Seeker’s Conference (Jan 2009)
  • “Best Download of 2008” – TrainingZone Reader’s Choice Award (Jan 2009)
  • “Best Conference Session” – Microsoft Airlift (Oct 2003)

Board Positions


Public Presentations and Workshops


  • Connectorship for Learning Professionals in a World Gone Mad (June 2014)
  • Strategies for Mastering Virtual Presentations and Communications (Feb 2014)
  • Connectorship in a Distracted, Hyper-connected World (July 2013)
  • Trendspotting: Leading Others to Thrive in a World of Technological and Generational Diversity (May, June 2013)
  • The LMNOP Factor: 5 Unexpected Qualities of Trainer’s Who Resonate (Dec 2012)
  • Learner Engagement in a Distracted World (Oct 2012)

Learning and Development, Human Capital

Training, Business
  • Transforming Virtual Classrooms into Strategic Differentiators (Jan 2013)
  • Using the Virtual Classroom as a Catalyst for Change (Jan, Mar, Apr, Sep 2012)
  • How to Market Live, Online Training (Mar 2012)
  • What Will They Pay? Determining the Value of Your Webinar Training Program (Jun 2011)
  • Expanding Your Freelance Training Practice (Dec 2010)
  • Building a Compelling Business Case for Online Training (Sept 2010)
  • Marketing for Trainers: How to Promote Your Training Programs (Jan 2010)
  • Training ROI: Attaching a Real Dollar Figure to Moving Training Online (Jan, Mar 2009)
  • How to Market Online Training: Four Principles of Effective Online Promotion (Apr, Aug, Sept 2008)
  • Reach Customers with Online Training, (May 2007)
Planning and Designing Live, Online Training
  • How to Design PowerPoint for Virtual Classes (Dec 2012, Mar, Apr 2013)
  • Harness the Power of Story in the Virtual Classroom (Apr, Dec 2012, Jan 2013)
  • How to Get and Keep Attention When You’re Not in the Same Room (Mar x2 2012)
  • Secrets to Delivering Online Classroom Presentations (Feb 2012)
  • Designing a Virtual Learning Experience (Jan x2 2012)
  • Instructional Design for Live, Online Training (Apr x2 2011)
  • Creating Interactive Exercises for Live, Online Training (Aug, Nov 2010, Mar 2011)
  • Developing Dynamic Training Webinars (May 2010)
Delivering Live, Online Training
  • Tips for Getting Virtual Learners to Participate (Feb, Mar 2012)
  • Creating a Sense of Presence (When You’re Somewhere Else) (Feb 2012 x2)
  • Webinar Presentation Skills for Training Professionals (May 2011)
  • Raise Your Training EQ: 10 Tips for Accelerating Live, Online Training Results (May 2011)
  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Online Training Presentations (and How to Avoid Them) (Jan 2011)
  • 10 Practical Tips for Live, Online Training Sessions (Sept 2010)
  • Engage your audience – 10 Webinar Best Practices for Trainers (May 2010)
  • How to Make Online Training as Interactive and Effective as In-Person Training (Feb, Mar, May, June, Aug 2009, Jan, Feb, May, Jun 2010)
  • Beyond the Basics: Optimize Training Webinars for Maximum Impact (Apr, Nov, Dec 2008)
Blended and Social Learning
  • Blended Learning: How to Add Online Training to the Mix (Feb, Mar 2012)
  • How to Use Twitter and Social Media with Training Webinars (Apr, May 2010)
  • Incorporating Live Webinars into Blended Learning (Sept, Oct 2009, Mar 2010)
  • How to Build an On Demand Training Program (Oct 2008)
Training, General
  • How to Transform Your Training Content Into Engaging Story (Mar 2014)
  • Ask the Aha! Guy: Virtual Classroom Skills (Aug 2013)
  • Upside-Down Virtual Classes: More Dialogue, Less Lecture (Jul, Oct 2012, Jun 2013)
  • Mastering the Four Dimensions of Engagement in the Virtual Classroom (Jan, Apr x2, Jun x2, Jul, Oct 2013, Feb x2 2014)
  • 11 Tips for Moving Training Online (Apr 2012, Aug 2013)
  • Improving Attention and Impact in the Virtual Classroom (Mar 2013)
  • How to Train Non-Technical Learners in the Virtual Classroom (Oct 2012)
  • Tips for Getting Virtual Learners to Participate (Mar 2012 x2)
  • The Non-Trainer’s Guide to Live, Online Training (Mar 2012)
  • Mastering Virtual Facilitation (Feb 2012)
  • Live, Online Training and Events: Best Practices, Trends, and Challenges (Feb 2011)
  • The Non-Trainer’s Guide to Online Training Success (Jan 2011)
  • 10 Tips for Getting Started with Live, Online Training (Jan, Feb x2 2011)
  • Live Online Training – Best Practices, Trends and Challenge (Dec 2011)
  • Live, Online Training: the Master Class (Oct x6, Dec 2010)
  • Getting Started with Interactive Online Training (Jul x2 2010)
  • Five Keys to Moving Training Online (Apr 2009)
  • Train Smarter, Not Harder: Move Training Online and Win (July 2008)
  • Getting Started with Online Training (Mar, Jul, Aug 2008, Oct 2009)
Human Resources
  • Understanding and Motivating Your Trainees from a Distance (May 2010)
  • Cut Through the Noise: Using Online Training to Reach Employees (Sept 2008, Oct 2009)
  • Never Unemployed, Always Self-Employed (Feb, Mar, Apr 2009)

Virtual Presentation Skills

Design for Webinar Presentations
  • Design and Deliver Text-Based PowerPoint for Better Attention in Virtual Presentations (Oct, Nov, Dec 2013)
  • Designing Virtual Presentations that Wow an Audience (Dec 2011, Jan x2, Sept 2012, Apr 2013)
  • Slide Makeovers: How to Design Slides for Webinar Presentations (Jul, Nov 2012)
  • Design the WOW! into Your Virtual Presentations (Oct 2012)
  • Design for Non-Designers: How to Design Engaging Webinar Presentations (Mar 2011)
  • Rapid PowerPoint for Attention and Impact (Oct x2 2010)
  • Slide Makeovers: Real Examples and Practical “How To” (Oct 2010)
  • Design for Non-Designers: How to Design Engaging Webinars (July, Aug, Sept, Nov, Dec 2009)
Delivery of Webinar Presentations
  • Advanced Tactics for Engaging Your GoToWebinar Audience (Feb 2014)
  • Diving Deep: Applying Your Presentation Skills in a Virtual Environment (Feb x3 2014)
  • Presenting Online: How to Keep Them on the Edge of Their Webinar Seats (Oct 2013)
  • Ask the Aha! Guy: Virtual Presentation Skills (Aug 2013)
  • Boost Your Image with Video Presentations (and Avoid the 5 Mistakes Every Presenter Makes) (Jun 2013)
  • Creating a Sense of Presence (When You’re Not in the Same Place) (Feb 2012 x2)
  • Attention! How to Get and Keep It in a Virtual Presentation (Jan, Feb 2012)
  • Five Secrets to Delivering Engaging Online Presentations (Jun 2011)
  • Offline to Online:  How to Engage that Audience You Can’t See (Nov 2010)
  • How to Deliver an Effective Virtual Presentation (Nov x3, Dec 2010)
  • Webinar Presentation Skills: The Next Professional Development Requirement (May 2010)
  • Honing Your Webinar Presentation Skills: The Latest in Professional Development (Mar, May 2010)
  • Raise Your Webinar EQ (Engagement Quotient) (Apr, May 2010)
  • Present Like a Pro: How to Deliver Engaging Webinars (July, Aug, Sept, Nov 2009, Jan 2010)
Webinar Presentations, General
  • Produce the Perfect Webinar (Mar 2014)
  • Most Webinars Suck! 7 Attention Getting Ways to be Different (Jan 2014)
  • 7 Teachable Moments from GoToWebinar Customer Questions (Dec 2013)
  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Online Presentations and How to Avoid Them (July, Aug, Sept, Nov, Dec 2009, Jun, Sept 2010, Feb, Apr, Oct, Dec 2013)
  • Producing the Perfect Webinar with GoToWebinar (Sept 2013)
  • Attention! How to Get It and Keep It in a Virtual Presentation (Feb x2, Jul, Aug 2012, Feb, Mar 2013)
  • 9 Trends Affecting Webinars (and How You Can Capitalize on Them) (Nov 2012)
  • Online Presentation Skills for Business Professionals (May, Jul, Nov 2012)
  • 9 Tips for Bigger and Better Webinars and Webcasts (Jun 2012)
  • Reaching Through the Screen: Blending Tools and Skills to Captivate Your Online Audience (Jun 2012)
  • Plan, Design, and Deliver Captivating Virtual Presentations (Mar 2012)
  • 8 Things You Can Do NOW to Improve Your Virtual Presentation Skills (Oct 2011, Jan, Feb 2012)
  • Webinar Presentation Skills for Business Professionals (Jan, May 2011)
  • Honing Your Webinar Presentation Skills: The Latest in Professional Development (Jan 2011)
  • From Aargh! to Zen! Plan, Design, & Deliver Engaging Virtual Presentations (Jan 2011)
  • Design and Deliver Engaging Webcast Presentations (Dec 2010)
  • Seven Success Factors from The Virtual Presenter’s Handbook (Dec 2010)
  • Ask the Experts: Roundtable with Veteran Webinar Presenters and Producers” (Sept 2010)
Hybrid Events
  • How to Help Speakers Rock Hybrid Events (Apr 2014)
  • The Virtual Presenter’s Non-Techie Webinar Tech Talk (Mar 2014)


Lead Generation
  • Promoting Webinars: 21 Tips for Driving Leads and Actionable Data (Sept 2013)
  • More and Better Leads with Webinars (Apr 2013)
  • How to Promote and Deliver Engaging Webinars (Sept 2010)
  • Generate Webinar Leads and Conversation with Twitter and Social Media (Jul 2010)
  • How to Gain More Leads and Sales in the New Web 2.0, Social Media Economy (Jun 2010)
  • Getting Started with Webinars for Lead Generation (Aug 2010)
  • Increase Market Reach: Why Webinars are an Effective Lead Generation Tactic (July, Aug 2008, Sept 2009)
  • Indispensible Webinars: Going from “Online Slideshow” to Killer Lead Generation (Mar 2007, Apr 2008)
  • How to Kill a Lead Generation Web Seminar (Aug 2006)
Lead Nurturing
  • When Leads are Not Enough: How to Accelerate Lead Nurturing with Webinars (May 2011)
  • Power of Allegiance: Attracting and Retaining Customers (Apr 2010)
  • How to Attract and Retain Customers with Webinars (May 2009, Dec 2009)
Content Marketing
  • Generate Leads the Sales Team Will Love with Webinars (Jun 2013)
  • 6 Rules for Content Marketing with Webinar Programs (Apr, Jun 2012)
  • How to Turn Webinar Programs into Content Marketing Strategy (May 2011)
Webinars as Social Media
  • Hands-On with Twitter: Using Twitter for Live Events and Webinars (May, Sep 2012)
  • Transform Your Marketing Webinars into a Social Medium (Apr 2011)

General Planning and Production

  • Engaging Webinars: How to Avoid Big Mistakes as You Get Started (Sept 2010)
  • How to Plan and Produce Engaging Webinars (Mar 2010)
  • How to Promote the Unique Value of Web Seminars (Nov 2006)
  • Planning Effective Web Seminars (Aug 2006)


  • How to Structure a Virtual Sales Demo (Mar 2012, Feb 2014)
  • Advancing the Sales Cycle with Sales Rep Generated Webinars (Feb 2014)
  • Using the Core Values Index to Understand and Resonate with Your Prospects (Dec 2012)
  • Anatomy of a Virtual Sales Call (Apr 2012)
  • Mastering the Sales Cycle with Web-Conferencing (Mar 2012)
  • How to Get and Keep Attention in Virtual Sales Demos (Feb x2 2012)
  • How to Fill Your Pipeline When Marketing Doesn’t (Jan x2 2012)
  • Designing Dynamic Virtual Sales Presentations (Jan 2012)
  • Beyond PowerPoint: Delivering Effective Virtual Sales Demos (Oct, Nov 2011)
  • Mastering Sales Cycles: Four Online Presentation Strategies (June, Nov 2011)
  • Accelerate the Buying Cycle with Web Conferencing (Oct 2010)
  • Webinar Best Practices for Financial Advisors (Oct 2010)
  • Plan, Design, Deliver Effective Online Sales Presentations (May 2010)


  • The New Virtual Body Language: Using Your Voice for Impact in Online Meetings and Presentations (Nov 2010, Jan, Mar, July 2011)

Meeting /Collaboration Skills

  • Online Meetings 201 – Beyond the Basics (Mar 2014)
  • Coaching Collaboration in Dispersed Teams (Oct 2013)
  • Be the Hero of Online Meetings (Mar, Jul 2013)
  • Best Meeting Ever! How to Lead Virtual Meetings People Love to Attend (Jan x2, Feb x2, Aug 2012, Mar 2013)
  • Creating a Sense of “Team” in Virtual Meetings (Mar 2012)
  • 5 Everyday Ways to Use GoToMeeting to Improve Team Performance (Jan x2  2012)
  • Mastering Online Meeting Skills (Nov 2010)
  • Conference Call Makeover: How to Use Web Conferencing to Accelerate Meetings and Communications (July 2010)
  • Effective Online Meetings: 7 Ways to Boost Your Virtual Meeting IQ (Sept, Oct 2009, Jan, Feb x2, Mar 2010)
  • Five Tips for Moving Green Meetings Online (Jan 2009)

Business, General

  • What Leaders do to Rock Online Meetings (How to Lead, Manage, and Collaborate Like a CEO) (Jun 2013)
  • Virtual Leadership Development: Mastering the Seven Impact Points (Apr 2011)
  • Turning Trends into Strategy: the Perfect Storm of Social, Mobile, and Content Marketing (Oct, Dec 2013, Feb 2014)
  • Staying Productive When Hyper-Connected Digitally (Nov 2013, Mar 2014)
  • From Mess to Momentum: 13 Productivity Tips for the Connected Worker (Nov 2013)
  • Publish or Perish: How to Think Like a Webpreneur – Even if You’re Not (Nov 2013)
  • The Global Entrepreneur: Five Easy Ways to Appear Bigger than You Are (Apr 2011, Feb 2012)
  • Giant Killers: How Small Business Can Use Web Conferencing to Compete and Win (Nov 2006)
PowerPoint, Presentation Design
  • Designing PowerPoint Presentations for Attention and Impact (Mar, May, Jun, Jul x2, Aug, Sep x2, Nov 2012, Nov 2013)
  • More Presentation Zen-ish, Less Time (Jul 2013)
  • Attention! Get It and Keep It with Design (May 2013)
  • 7 Ideas from PowerPoint Research You Can Use Immediately (Apr, Jun 2012)
  • Rapid PowerPoint Design for Attention, Cognition, and Retention (Aug, Dec 2010, Apr 2011)
  • The Art of Telling Your Organization’s Story Virtually (Aug, Nov 2012, Aug 2013)
  • Mastering the Art of Coaching Remotely Using Web Conferencing (Nov 2011)
  • Insights from the Latest Webcast Research (Oct 2010)
  • Managing Multiple Projects, Objectives, and Deadlines (May x5, June x2 2007)
  • When Web Seminars Do, and Don’t, Threaten Traditional Events, (and How to Use Them to Your Advantage) (Nov 2006)
Speaking/Training Professionally
  • Professional Speaking Business Bootcamp (May 2014)
  • Mastery and Money with Virtual Presentations (Mar, May, Sep, Dec 2013, Feb, Aug 2014)
  • Quit Calling Them Webinars and a Dozen Other Money Strategies (Feb 2014)
  • Ask the Aha! Guy: Speaking Professionally (Sep 2013)
  • Speaking Virtually: Command a New Business and Stage (May 2013)
  • When “Virtual” is Involved: 5 Questions to Ask for More and Better Gigs (Jul 2013)
  • Adding Virtual to Your Business Model: Right Fit, Right Price, Right Message for Webinars and Webcasts (Feb, Mar 2012)
Moderation/Virtual Emcee
  • The Speed of Trust with Stephen M.R. Covey (Apr 2011)
  • A Phased Approach to Increasing IT Productivity and Efficiency (Jan 2011)
  • Unlocking the Potential of Professional Services and Support (Oct 2010)
  • Engaging for Influence: Delivering Virtual Training with Impact (Oct 2010)
  • Using Cognitive Apprenticeship to Navigate the Interactive Workplace (Sept 2010)
  • A Facilitator’s Guide to Training and Collaborating across Generations (Aug 2010)
  • Measuring and Managing First-Contact Resolution: Challenges & Techniques (Aug 2010)
  • Effectively Growing Your Key Sales and Service Talent (May 2010)
  • Reducing First Call Response Time in Service Organizations (Apr 2010)
  • A Facilitator’s Guide to Training and Collaborating across Generations (Apr 2010)
  • Essentials of Using Twitter (Apr 2010)
  • Winning the Professional Services Sale in Any Market (Mar 2010)
  • The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to Be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience with Carmine Gallo (Mar 2010)
  • Introducing GoToTraining: Online Training Made Easy™ (Feb x2, Mar x2 2010)
  • Driving Customer Loyalty through Improved Service Performance (Feb 2010)
  • Strengthening the Business Case for Web Commuting (Jan 2010)
  • Strategies for Driving Down IT Support Costs with ITIL-Based Best Practices (Oct 2009)
  • The Perfect Agent: Tools and Technology for Coaching Your Support Team (Oct 2009)
  • How to Market and Sell with Webinars (Oct 2009)
  • Think Like a CEO: How to Align Training and Communications with Business Strategy (Sept 2009)
  • Audio Conferencing That Won’t Break the Bank (Sept 2009)
  • How to Craft and Deliver Winning Value Propositions (Sept 2009)
  • Enhance Your Business Continuity Strategy With Remote Access And Online Meetings (Sept 2009)
  • Best Practices for Optimizing Inside Sales (Apr 2009)
  • Getting Started on Twitter Twebinar (Mar 2009)
  • The Virtual Support Centre: Delivering Anytime, Anywhere Support (Mar x2 2009
  • Can You Hear Me? The Value of Communicating Effectively with Your Employees (Mar 2009)
  • Sneak Peak at GoToMyPC Corporate (Feb, Mar x2 2009)
  • Move Beyond Break-Fix Support into Value-Added Services (Nov 2008)
  • Optimal Product Pricing through Competitive Modeling (Nov 2008)
  • Must-Ask List Rental Questions Every Web Seminar Promoter Should Ask (Mar 2007)



  • The Virtual Presenter’s 102 Tips for Online Meetings (Mar 2013)
  • Successful Webinars with GoToWebinar (Nov 2011)
  • The Business Expert Guide to Small Business Success (July 2010) (Contributor)
  • The Virtual Presenter’s Handbook (July 2009)
  • Web Seminar Producer’s Toolkit (May 2007)
Research Survey Papers
  • Missed Opportunities: Why Webinar Attendees Leave (Jan 2013)
  • 9 Trends Affecting Webinar Programs Now (Jan 2013)
  • 4 Questions Every Sales Manager Needs to Ask about Audio Conferencing (May 2012)
  • Master the Five Forces of Content Marketing with Webinar Programs (April 2012)
  • How HR Can Move its Training Online (Oct 2011)
  • Boost Your Image: Master the Three Stages of Video Conferencing Success (Aug 2011)
  • Global Best Practices When Using Video Conferencing (July 2011)
  • How to Financial Advisors Can Promote and Deliver Engaging Webinars (Oct 2010)
  • How to Promote and Deliver Engaging Webinars (Aug 2010)
  • Training Trends: Web Conferencing in Australia and New Zealand (Aug 2008, Aug 2009, Aug 2010, Sept 2011, Sept 2012)
  • Training Trends: Web Conferencing in North America (Dec 2009)
  • Training Trends: Web Conferencing in Europe(Dec 2009)
  • Engage! How to Avoid the Seven Deadly Sins of Presenting Online (July 2009)
  • Online Training Attitudes and Practices (Mar 2007)
  • Web Seminar Metrics Survey (Jan 2005)
Whitepapers and Briefs
  • Cut Costs with Computer-Based Audio Conferencing (Mar 2009)
  • How to Move Training Online – A Global Shift in Practice (July 2008)
  • How to Market Online Training (July 2008)
  • Beyond the Basics: How to Optimize Training for Maximum Impact (July 2008)
  • Five Keys to Getting Started with Online Training (Mar 2008)
  • Reach Customers with Online Training (May 2007)
  • Planning, Promoting, and Producing Effective Web Seminars (May 2005)

Other Appearances

Articles, Guest Blog Posts, Quotes, Interviews, Etc.
 Associations/Conferences/Higher Ed – Speaking & Classes
  • Alamo College – San Antonio (keynote)
  • American Marketing Association (multiple)
  • American Society for Training and Development (keynote + multiple)
  • Australian Institute of Company Directors (keynote + workshop)
  • Australian Institute for Training and Development (Australia)
  • Bellevue College
  • Chemeketa Community College (keynote)
  • Chartered Institute of Marketers (Europe)
  • Direct Marketing Association (Europe)
  • LearnX (Australia, multiple)
  • Learning and Performance Institute (UK) (multiple)
  • Global Learning Summit (Singapore)
  • Information Technology Alliance
  • International Association of Administrative Professionals (multiple)
  • Meeting Professionals International
  • National Speakers Association (multiple)
  • National Speakers Association of Australia
  • Northwest eLearn Conference (keynote + multiple)
  • Northwest Job Seeker’s Conference (multiple)
  • Ohio University – Schey Sales Centre Symposium
  • Outdoor Power Equipment Association (Australia)
  • Portland Community College
  • Product Management Consortium
  • Sara Varnum Institute for Instructional Excellence
  • Silicon Valley Marcom Resource Group
  • Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals
  • Sage Insights Conference (multiple)
  • Training Zone Live (UK)
  • Webcast To Learn (Poland)
  • South Bay Organizational Development Network
  • Web 2.0 Conference



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