Welcome, Tobacco Free Florida!

Welcome, all! Thanks for joining Tobacco Free Florida and me for a fun learning session! As promised, here are the extras.

Oh, and help a brother out? I’m working on a 10th-anniversary research project about video conferencing — Would you kindly share your experience with in a short survey for my next analysis report (like the ones below)? THANK YOU!

Now, on to the goodies…

210429_FLDOH-TFF (summary of every point in the class)

TheVirtualPresenter’sPlaybook – Roger Courville (digital copy of the book in the picture above)

TheVPs102TipsForOnlineMeetings_G2M (book, older, but skills-oriented, so still useful)


TranslateYourIn-PersonPresentationOnline_GoToWebinar_RogerCourville_ (study + tips)

BoostYourVideoConferencingImage_1080Group_ (study + best practices

31TipsForHybridEvents_TheVirtualPresenter (older handout I did for Meeting Professionals International


banner maker 2.1


OnlineMeetingTips (includes extra links to various useful things)

Of course, if I can assist in thinking through webinars and virtual classrooms, training your crew, or even being a moderator/emcee, holler anytime.

Peace and be safe,


P.S. Remember that you might need to right-click to download. And if you have challenges, shoot me a note at roger@thevirtualpresenter.com or ring me +1.503.329.1662

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