The Starting Place

There are hundreds of resources dedicated to public speaking and making presentations.  There are a scant handful on the subject of web seminars.  And there is almost nothing that tackles the unique nature of presenting virtually at a professional level.

So the question is, “If I’m just starting out, or even if I’ve made some online presentations, is trial-and-error my only option?”

When I got started in the web seminar industry in the late ’90s, I literally bought every book on seminars that I could find and started to apply the ideas to the virtual world.  I did the same with books on presentations and public speaking.  But every time they told me how to stand relative to the lecturn… well, you get the idea.

Today I have no way of knowing, but I have delivered more virtual presentations than most other people on the planet.  And today your potential resources for learning still mostly consist of basic “five tips for successful webinars” (I even get paid to write those for companies, and sometimes I even get lucky).

But if necessity is the mother of invention, The Virtual Presenter is to explore proven presentation principles (e.g., storytelling, audience engagement, design, delivery) applied to unique tools and methods of the web (e.g., webinars, webcasts, on-demand presentations).

I’d be honored to help you with your growth.  Enjoy losing the lecturn.