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@adrianharcourt says: If you’re delivering presentations/training over the web, @1080Group has a great blog with heaps of great ideas and tips – love it!
@LonNaylor says: Getting some good ideas for my upcoming webinar series on Camtasia 6 from “The Virtual Presenter” @1080Group :
@thehrgoddess says: @1080Group presenting virtually? don’t turn off your mobile phone just yet… <<<good stuff!
@OliviaMitchell says: 3 things speaker should know about virtual presenting. Guest post by Roger Courville @1080Group
@LisaHorner says: RT @1080Group: keeping cool before the big webinar presentation – thanks Roger!
@all1ann says: Interview w/ @1080Group on how to do Web conferencing right..
 @JeffHurt says: The Webinar: An Enhancement, Not a Threat by @1080Group [Roger’s part 2. Worth reading!] #eventprofs
@OliviaMitchell says: Discussion on relative merits of survey or telephone calls to get to know your audience by @1080Group