Tweets about the book

Tweets about The Virtual Presenter’s Handbook

@leesabarnes says: just finished reading @1080Group book The Virtual Presenter. excellent guide 4 those who’ll present virtually.
@jillkonrath says: @1080Group Hey Roger! Your book, The Virtual Presenter, is listed as a Recommended Resource in SNAP Selling!
@LearnTribe says: @1080Group Just finished reading Virtual Presenter’s Handbook, many thanks. Appreciate practical approach cross-platform (talk not tech)
@Mike_Knukle says: Are u leading webinars? Doing virtual presentations or training? Want 2 do even better? Check out @1080Group‘s virtual presenter’s handbook.
@niallgavinuk says: RT @niallgavinuk: @KaSpill Good luck – I won the book on a previous #webinarX – great advice therein!
@RaymondTaylor says: @1080Group Was contacted by a person in Ireland because you mentioned me in The Virtual Presenter’s Handbook. You have some reach!
 @chazzsgirl13 says: Received the book I won during #webinarsins @1080Group it’s super duper!!
@Mandy_Vavrinak says: RT @1080Group @mandy_vavrinak w00t! book is up on! (Virtual Presenter’s Handbook… rocks!)
@balmeras says: If U haven’t checked out @1080Group‘s book, The Virtual Presenters Handbook — um, whatcha waiting 4? #eLearning
@LindaDeLuca says: @1080Group Reading ‘The Virtual Presenter’s Handbook’ in between work projects and really like it! Some reinforcing and some new ideas! Thx
@Jeff_Bailey says: 52 Books in a Year – Book Review #4 The Virtual Presenter’s Handbook by @1080Group
@DeepWatersCoach says: Hey, everybody! Check out The Virtual Presenter by our own @1080Group, a fabulous tweep!
@thehrgoddess says: #tweetimonial @1080Group Roger’s book & training should be a ‘not-to-be-missed-must’ for everyone doing virtual presentations.
@telesaur says: Just read “The Virtual Presenter’s Handbook” by @1080Group. Here’s my review: