Tweets of Thanks

Tweets of thanks

@shelleyryan says: Roger, I am SO stealing your soundbites. “Design your webinar for attention, memory and impact.” – @1080Group #D4ND
@angiekey says: A huge thanks to @1080Group + #WebinarX for the single best hour I’ve invested in professional development in a long time!
@jlaikins says: Thanks, @1080Group. Your tips rocked and helped me in engaging @ExactTarget partners in our @cotweet webinar today. Love engagement!
@gpedranti says: @1080Group Thanks for a very useful webinar, Roger. Greetings from Barcelona!!
@Chevy_08 says: best webinar attended in a long time! actually have techiniques I can use now! #WebinarX
@foster_rachael says: @1080Group Thanks Roger for all your help! I’ve learned so much!! #ohiousales
 @nicolecayer says: @1080Group great presentation Roger. Learned a lot!
@CindyCornell says: @1080Group Roger, great webinar today! I’m excited to plan some generously designed journeys and will certainly deliver authentically!
@joeschil says: @1080Group Attended a great webinar by Roger Courville-
@ericbensley says: @1080Group Nice job moderating Roger.
@IreneKoehler says: Thanks to @1080Group! What a great facilitator and presenter. Great to work with you again, Roger.
@ChrisTeodori says: What a great presentation, thanks @1080Group
@KatieMarvinney says: @ohiousales GREAT presentation Roger @1080group Thank you for giving back to our program.
@kaitlin_daly says: great job roger @1080Group…amazing presentation! we all learned a lot #ohiousales
@valarywithawhy says: @1080Group awesome presentation Roger, you’re a great role model for all of us who present online and off
@balmeras says: Watching Roger’s/ @1080Group webinar on Rapid PowerPoint. Good stuff — thanks, Rog! #eLearning
@LindaDeLuca says: @1080Group Fantastic! Your events are always so engaging, inspiring, and educational.
@hey_tc says: @1080Group Thanks for interesting Webinar on online meetings. Hope to get a chance to use some of your tips.
@leadtraining says: @LauraLJ TrainingZone newsletter and Roger Courville of @1080Group is a really inspiring teacher – well worth a listen.
@alinacoach says: Just talked to a #webinar #guru @1080Group. LOVE talking to a smart, resourceful, nice person!
@Lyndabrandt says: @1080Group Roger Courville – excellent speaker – excellent webinar. Thank you
@TobiasBowmanHP says: great insight into optimising webnars: think like an integrated publisher, connect to conversations, educate to include. thanks #WebinarX
@mcshandra says: @1080Group – Excellent webinar today. Look forward to delivering more engaging & interactive webinars in the future.
@newmediaage says: Thanks you! RT @MattersMusical: @1080Group @newmediaage Thanks for the presentation and some great tips, very interesting! #WebinarX
@Chuzzwozza says: @1080Group Very engaging NMA webinar – good work #webinarx
@IQPC_Sam says: @1080Group thanks for a great webinar. I’ve now got some great ideas for our upcoming Cyber Security webinar and will share with the team.
@nevenkasheridan says: @1080Group fantastic webinar today 🙂
@DaveAnthold says: @1080Group – great presentation today – loved the cognitive tie in
@lissaburns says: @1080Group Thanks for very useful webinar. Lots to think about. And very excited that I won a prize!
@busylizzielife says: @1080Group great presentation, looking forward to reading tips
@atexglobal says: Great webinar today from @1080Group on generating leads and conversation with Twitter and SM
@ITStrategyLisa says: thanks @1080Group for a great webinar!
@Simon_E_Jones says: Nice ideas for future online training – thanks #webinarx
@ConferencePlus says: @marketingbh, @1080Group: thanks for a great webinar
@jimmy1712 says: An excellent webinar from @1080Group many thanks! #webinarx
@bobdejonge says: excellent preso today on webinar tips/tools by @1080Group
@lisariemers says: @1080Group Thanks for an engaging webinar on webinars! Some good advice
@CindyCornell says: @1080Group Great webinar, Roger. Very good points! Many tks!
@anj_patel says: Great session Roger Courville @1080Group #WebinarX. I shall be delivering my first online session next Wed!!
@TrainingZone says: Thanks to all attendees who tuned into today’s webinar with @1080Group #WebinarX – great stuff Roger!
@macabroad says: RT @alanainness: Really enjoyed #Webinarx with Roger Courville @1080Group today – very insightful about taking training online// I agree!
@SunhillConsult says: @1080Group Roger, thanks for a great webinar on how to take training online, great stuff& plenty of food for thought. Chris
@Alanalnness says: Really enjoyed #Webinarx with Roger Courville @1080Group today – very insightful about taking training online
@cmartell says: @1080Group Great job with the online instructional design webinar for @gotomeeting
@CentralStationU says: @1080Group Thanks for the “7 Deadly Sins”, good info!
@NicholsonSol says: Thanks to @1080Group Roger Courville for an excellent webinar #webinarx