‘Best time for webinars’ for #smallbizchat

I had the personal and professional pleasure last night of appearing on Melinda Emerson’s  (@smallbizlady) #smallbizchat .  What fun!  Melinda is a delightful lady, and the audience was engaged and lively.j0309641

Of the many things we discussed about webinars (albeit in terse, 140-character nibbles – you can find the transcript here for the time being), the one thing most retweeted  was “@1080Group says T, W, Th from 9-2 is the best time for webinars.”

The good news is that I’m tickled that that struck a chord and many found it useful.  To be sure, if you host your event in the early part of a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, you can’t go too wrong.


What I actually said was that that was the most common time they occur…and that the best time to do them is when your own audience is most likely to attend.

Webinars are most common during the middle of the work week because, in part, most have been and continue to be B2B in nature.  In time, however, that may evolve, especially in certain segments.

For instance, MLM business builders do their business when?  Evenings and weekends…when self-motivated folks are putting in hours around their day jobs in pursuit of a better life.  They’re holding a lot of webinars now and, you guessed it, they’re not usually on Tuesday mornings.

For a couple other thoughts on the subject check out this post  from a couple months ago.

And THANK YOU to Melinda and an awesome Twitter crowd.


P.S.  For a copy of the research paper that I mentioned, you can find it here.

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