Cut through the noise – link to slideshare and recording

Many thanks to all for an interactive session today on Cut Through the Noise:  How to Use Live, Online Training to Reach Employees Effectively.  What a lively bunch!  You made it a lot of fun to be with you today.

The slides are available for viewing on SlideShare here.

For those of you who follow my work, you know that I share slides on an extremely rare basis, and this is one of those times (the recording is always available, and you can find it here).

If you’re curious why I never distribute them and/or rarely make them otherwise available, you can find those comments here. The short version:

1.  I pay to license images for presentation, but I don’t pay for distribution rights (a lot more expensive).

2.  I support the vendor who makes this possible for everyone to attend for free (in this case, and they benefit when you watch and share the recording (you can always fast-forward if you just want to review a specific section).

3.  Slides are only part of the communication as they don’t have the audio track and I, like most folks, want to be judged on the sum of my work, not an incomplete part :-).

I’m also happy to answer any questions you might have if you want to ping me directly:  roger (at sign) 1080group (dot) com.  I sincerely love to assist!

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