Virtual communication includes virtual assistance

The center of my bullseye is the online presentation, typically in the seminar-type setting.  In part, this is because I’m equally impassioned with the distance/web communications productivity story, and I love teaching, presentations, and helping others have that “aha!” moment.

What I’ve seen in 10 years is an evolution from one-app-fits-all to tools specialized and optimized for many different needs:  meetings, collaboration, seminars, broadcasts, virtual tradeshows, and cool stuff just for support organizations.

COMING FEB 19 to a web connection near you: Sneak Peek: What’s New with Citrix GoToAssist Corporate

I’ll be moderating (as opposed to presenting), but it’s still an opportunity for both of us:  my mission is to rid the world of boring online presentations one at a time, and your opportunity is to see an interactive presentation in action.

Pencil in Thursday, Feb 19, 11am Pacific.  Live link now available.

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