Getting started with interactive online training – ANZ

Another presentation for my ANZ friends… (and working with Karen Moloney, a fabulous moderator!)

See you on the 8th (US)/9th (ANZ)?

Attend this live Webinar to learn:

  • The most common Webinar mistakes and how to avoid them
  • How to engage trainees visually to avoid “death by bullet points”
  • How to adapt conversations and exercises to the Webinar medium

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  1. Online Sales Training

    How to engage trainees visually to avoid “death by bullet points”…

    When we started adding polls to our webinars, the feedback we received after our online sales training workshops went through the roof!

    Like a sales presentation, when doing an online training webinar, take a minute to ask the audience a question and let them answer either verbally, through chat or through a poll. This will increase the likely hood that a) they will remember what you are teaching and b) they will be more likely to come back to another one of your training webinars.

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