Webinar handout – “As Interactive”

Thanks for being such a lively audience!

As promised, a link to the handout is below.  Too, if you’d like to have an opportunity to learn more, one place to do it is by participating in my current research activity – and all participants may opt in to receive a pre-release (and free!) copy of the resulting ‘how to’ paper.


And if you participate in the survey, thank you sincerely in advance!  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MSTVDYX


4 thoughts on “Webinar handout – “As Interactive”

  1. Nick

    Great webinar Roger! In fact it was the most engaging experience I’ve ever had in a distance learning training session.

  2. rosemary

    I agree with Nick. I did not realise that online learning could hold the attention in the way it did today. I think using the GoToTraining tool really helped. I will certainly be taking up the free trial offer!

  3. Mandy Randall-Gavin

    Thank you for hosting the webinar Roger. My only challenge to you regarding visibility of the attendee list, is that if learners are to feel part of a group and know their learning experience during the webinar is a shared experience with a community – that they’re not alone – being able to see who else is attending is a MUST – even just getting the person’s first name and location would be better than seeing one’s own name as a solitary entry. That couldn’t get vendors hitting on them as a first name and location would be too little information to follow up. I’d be interested on your comments regarding my point.

    1. TheVP

      Mandy, I think you’re right… in context. I think there are valid reasons to expose the attendee list, and not to.

      I’m going to formulate a full blog post to explore those. Thanks for the insightful question, and thanks for being part of a dynamic webinar!

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