Q&A from Blending Webinars with F2F Training

Incorporate Live Webinars in Blended Learning was an interactive good time!  If you want to catch the recording, you’ll find it here.  What follows is one of the FAQs I didn’t get to during this well-attended event.  To be fair to readers, a number of these answers assume you were there, so you might check out the recording.  Q&A

Mary wrote, “How do you suggest evaluating what has to be delivered face to face?”

Mary, I do realize this isn’t perfectly cut-and-dried.

Start with the obvious, of course.  In the case study I shared, the team building exercise (a chili cookoff) was a no-brainer.  Too, in that same case study, sales leadership wanted at least a couple nights of camaraderie-building stuff (read:  drinking).

As far as the learning curricula, this might mean putting on your creativity cap.  Many activities and exercises simply don’t translate online at all, but others you’ll find do.  Again in the case study, there was a role-play exercise where the sales team took new marketing content, were given a presentation situation they needed to pitch (different buyer types in different industries), and then they took time to go assemble a pitch, coming back to present to the team an hour later.  While it took a little coaching, this translated online well since 1) the hour of prep time was redeemed and 2) they could easily speak and use PowerPoint in the web conferencing environment.

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