“Should I leave the date off the opening presentation slide?”

A good question comes in from Ben:

“Should I leave the date off the opening presentation slide?”

Hey Ben, I’m not sure the answer is if you should or shouldn’t.  I think it’s a question of when.

Leave the date off the opening presentation slide when you don’t want to have the recording look out of date.

If your objective is to give future potential users access to the recording/archive of your Web seminar, consider the ‘shelf life’ of that content.

Some content can be useful for a long time. But in a culture that often thinks yesterday’s news is old there is a risk that they will think your content is out of date.

On the flip side, sometimes a date is a landmark or something you need to know.  For instance, if you’re presenting product features or pricing or ‘how to’ content, a customer that reviews that content might be served to know when it was produced (in this example, a product version might be handy as well).  Make sense?  A PowerPoint 2003 tutorial might be useful on a given topic, even if I had 2007, but I’d want to know that.

Good luck!

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