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A recent Q&A post on LinkedIn made me think of a tip I’ve shared in the past…

What are the most popular, yet inexpensive, methods for promoting a site off line? I have heard that off line promotion coupled with online promotion gives the best results. What are the best off line promotion methods to use?


Try a direct response method to reach local prospects…

1. Use a business card printer to print inexpensive cards that have a simple call to action… URL + offer (e.g., free report, free assessment, whatever).

Best: a dedicated URL or landing page that speaks directly to that invitee and a CTA that gets you what you need… (e.g., newsletter subscription, etc.)

2. Hand out at trade shows, networking events, etc. Get partners to stack a pile on their trade show table. Leave a few in conspicuous (but appropriate) places for people to pick up.

Best: don’t try to distribute 5000 in a few days…make it an ongoing activity that takes advantage of where your little feet take you

3. Track at point of conversion. Optimize as possible.

Best: think ‘Google Adwords’ in a blended online/offline experience… the biz card is your short ad, your landing page makes the conversion.

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