Virtual meeting IQ: Q&A

The great news is that Effective Virtual Meetings:  Seven Ways to Boost Your Virtual Meeting IQ is that it was interactive and there were a ton of questions.  The bad news is that when there are 500 people in the audience, you can’t get to them all.Q&A

Following is one that came in that I didn’t get to during the presentation:

Chris C. asks, “How do you manage running the meeting with monitoring chats?”

Practice, for starters.  (I’ve been doing this a long time).

Have you ever hopped in an unfamiliar car and tried to turn on the headlights only to have the windshield wipers start flapping?

Repetition breeds familiarity, and in time you know where to look, know where to grab, etc.  Start with one tool and get good at it.  Then in a meeting or three find another that suits your style and start using it.

I’d start with chat, because it directly facilitates dialogue.  And like I mentioned in the webinar, I’d keep it open and glance back and forth between it and your presentation, just like you watch your audience AND glance at your notes when presenting in person.

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