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The great news is that Effective Virtual Meetings:  Seven Ways to Boost Your Virtual Meeting IQ is that it was interactive and there were a ton of questions.  The bad news is that when there are 500 people in the audience, you can’t get to them all.Q&A

Following is one that came in that I didn’t get to during the presentation:

Catherine L. writes, “Do you believe in mixing additional media such as videos and audios to keep the attendees focused as well?”

Catherine, first check out what I wrote to Scot and Mary Ellen about video.

As for “other media,” that’s a broad term.  At risk of sounding like a broken record (piece of vinyl with grooves that us older folks grew up listening to… LOL), using an audio clip or Flash or anything else can be a powerful tool.

But the web also changes things.  LIVE content over the web brings challenges you don’t have in the conference room.

I’ve used Flash in a presentation with a major web conferencing company only to have their internal people cringe in fear.  I was co-founder of Corvent (acquired by Intercall) and we produced thousands of webinars, many with video.  And many (not most) had latency or significant performance problems.

Your audience and use-case are important.  An internal meeting that has a problem is might be less mission-critical, and you can always email folks a link to the video afterwards.  A big marketing event, however, might look stupid for trying something that doesn’t work well.

Note that I’m not saying it doesn’t work.  And it’s getting better all the time.  BUT…I am saying there’s risk of which you should be aware.  Consider scaling the use of technology to a reasonable lower common denominator for mission-critical presentations.

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