Virtual meeting IQ: Q&A

The great news is that Effective Virtual Meetings:  Seven Ways to Boost Your Virtual Meeting IQ is that it was interactive and there were a ton of questions.  The bad news is that when there’s 500 people in the audience, you can’t get to them all.Q&A

Following is one that came in that I didn’t get to during the presentation:

Margaret M asks a VFAQ (VERY frequently asked question): “Any tips to get your “set in their way presenters” to change their methods of just reading the slides?”

Oh Margaret, Margaret, Margaret.  I feel your pain.  I really do.

My quasi-rhetorical question is “Can you change anybody in any way if they don’t want to change?”

Here’re are a few thoughts:

One, give yourself some peace.  I think, “work with the willing.”  YOU know that’s awful, their AUDIENCES know that’s awful, but for many – if they aren’t coachable – you might have to let natural selection breed them out of the gene pool.

Two, give them some research.  This paper is from a study I just completed where respondents overwhelmingly said “DON’T READ YOUR DAMN SLIDES.”  You might consider making copies and passing them out to the whole team so you don’t seem like you’re singling them out.

Three, (this is a looong shot) have them listen to a recording of themselves.  It’s doubtful anyone who won’t change is seeking to improve their presentation skills, but someone listening to themselves present will learn a LOT.  Most of us hate listening to the sound of our own voices, but listening to a recording of yourself will often cure you of speaking too quickly, using too many “uhms,” etc.  Like I said in the seminar,unless you’re a professional newscaster or voice talent, reading doesn’t sound natural.

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