What is the best day of the week for web seminars?

Phil writes, “What is the best day of the week for webinars?”

The best day of the week for webinars is when the greatest percentage of your audience is available.

That said, consider what others do and a couple questions to ask yourself.calendar_iStock_000000941751XSmall

Much of the corporate world prefers Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Wednesdays, in that order.  We know this because these are peak days for conference calls in general, and web seminars follow the same pattern.  Mondays are considered busy meeting days, and Fridays might find people checked out at one level or another.

But just because that’s what everyone else is doing doesn’t mean it is right for you.

There are numerous exceptions when a Friday afternoon or even nights and weekends become the best options for audiences.

So a few questions to ask yourself:

Have you asked your audience? A best practice, whenever possible, is to do this bit of research.  It could be as simple as a question you ask using registration and/or polling.  Beware, though…this captures people who are already responding to that day/time, and may not uncover other opportunities.

Is your audience a business or consumer audience? Reaching end consumers may be better in an evening or on a weekend when they’re not at work.  Business audiences, assuming the topic is relevant to their work, are best reached during their work time.

What is their work or life pattern? If you need to reach salespeople, for instance, when are they most likely to be busy with calls and appointments?  I’ve found Fridays are a good time connect with salespeople in many organizations.

Absent of any of these inputs (and Phil, I don’t have any additional information from you as I write this), I’d probably join the masses and host the event mid-week.  But don’t do it for long… it’s too easy to gather feedback and adjust.

Ask your audience what day they prefer to attend.

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