The Virtual Presenter’s Backstage Pass (Beta)

The Virtual Presenter’s Backstage Pass (Beta) started as a way to capture anything and everything from me for my tribe… those who want access to me since I can’t otherwise respond to every question that comes in.

If you ever wanted to go deep with virtual presentations and classrooms, this is the place. There’s more here than we could cover in a week of working together. You’ll get hours and hours of teaching and consulting but spend way less $$$$ than what I otherwise charge.

With the current beta version of Backstage Pass, holders get three core things:

  • The whole catalogue with one convenient link to download everything I publish (books, audios, webinar recordings, whiteboard sessions, and whatever else happens). Think “download all the Beatles’ albums, interviews, and books.” Click here to see what’s currently included.
  • Access to sending me any question any time and getting an answer, plus invitations to Backstage Pass holder-only live sessions.
  • Updates emailed for a year if I add anything (so far that’s every month, but if I get hit by a bus, it could be zero…but what is already included is worth more than what I’m asking for).

Want to add Backstage Pass to your resource library? I hope this makes it easy:

The beta version of Backstage Pass is $300 for a single user license (multi-user/team licenses are available for a small amount more per user – contact us with the form below for a quote).

Have questions, need more information, or want a quote for multiple passes for your organization? Contact us here.

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