The power of learning isn’t just the “moment of,” though that’s uniquely powerful.

Often it’s in being able to reference what’s been discussed as a reminder. Beyond that, it’s the ability to go deeper where you want to.

What you’ll find below are links to the presentation, the handouts, and the additional documents referenced during our time together with CalCPA Education Foundation.

NOTE: You may need to right click to download.

Other questions? As I mentioned during the seminar, I won’t send you an invoice if you contact me (roger – at sign – thevirtualpresenter – dot – com). I’d be honored, of course, if you wanted to engage me for private coaching or to work with your team, too.

Stay in touch.

Roger  (the presentation)

TranslateInPersonPresentationsOnline (study/whitepaper)

31TipsForHybridEvents_TheVirtualPresenter (want to see what I told meeting planners when they’re hiring you?)

WhyWebinarAttendeesLeaveEarly_ResearchReport (study/whitepaper)

BoostYourVideoConferencingImage_ResearchReport (study/whitepaper)

Presentation Resources – CalCPA (links to other stuff presenters may find useful)

Blooms Taxonomy of Cognitive Levels – CalCPA (want to write better learning objectives?)


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