If you say “without further ado,” you really should consider this

Update: Many of you have graciously pointed out the phrase is more accurately “without further ado,” not “adieu.” Duh! (word guy hangs his head in shame) Thank you! I’ve updated the post.


Emcees do it. Webinar moderators do it. Heck, we’ve probably all done it at one time or another.

“Without further ado, let me introduce…”

Here’s the problem.

It’s not “adieu.” (Remember, I blew it, too)

Adieu means “goodbye.” The phrase “without further adieu” means “without further goodbyes.” In other words, “I’m outta here.” “I’m done hanging on and saying we should stay in touch and this-time-I-really-mean-it-I’m-going.”

The phrase, more accurately, is “without further ado.” But that doesn’t entirely solve the problem because “ado” still connotes triviality. In other words, what you’ve been saying is not important.

Here’s what to do.

Better: If you can’t stop yourself using this as a transition phrase say, “Without further delay.”

Best: Quit implying that what you’ve said before introducing the speaker was useless (and a delay that wasted the time of everyone in the audience).

If what you say before introducing the speaker is useless, cut it out and find another way to communicate that information.

If what you say before introducing the speaker is not useless,

  1. Deliver it like it is important
  2. Pause, and
  3. Make the next thing that comes out of your mouth, “Now, let me introduce you to…

10 thoughts on “If you say “without further ado,” you really should consider this

  1. BC

    The phrase is actually, “Without further ado…”

    Which is perfectly correct. http://i.word.com/idictionary/ado

  2. Ken Molay

    I think “Without further adieu” is a corruption or homophonically induced misinterpretation of the more correct “Without further ado.” The latter indicates that you don’t want to spend any more time on preliminary fuss and bother about introductions, explanations, and promotion. It’s time to get on to the promised topic.

    Aside from that, I am in complete agreement with everything else you wrote here… Less fluff, more content! 🙂

  3. TheVP

    Well dangit! This is why we just let it hang out socially sometimes, right?

    Thanks Brian and Ken, I stand corrected on the “goodbye” part.

    I wrote this because of something I heard someone say, and I know I’m not the only one who’s mixed this up. Being a word guy, however, I’m just going to eat some humble pie and say that I should have done a little poking before shooting off at the mouth.

    One little thing, Brian…even the dictionary definition you pointed to refers to time-wasting.

    And boy oh boy, the world is full of presentation and webinar emceeing/moderating that could stand a little bit of tightening up.

    Thanks again for setting me straight!

  4. Karen Hyder

    Let’s stop saying a thing that has no relevance just because that’s what people say. There are plenty of words. Surely we can find new combinations to signal that it’s time to begin.

  5. joe

    Yeah, I don’t think it means everything up to now that was spoken is useless. That makes no sense. If that were true, one would wonder why the emcee said any thing other than to introduce the main speaker or act.I agree with Roger and Ken in that it has more of a “without further delay, here is what you have all been waiting for,……..” No, what the emcee said may have been of utmost importance, but that is not what the audience came to hear or see. So, without further ado, ……

  6. Ken

    Without further delay is appropriate

  7. mcollins

    Good explanation nice to know

  8. James Samples

    I like the phrase “without further ado,”. In minimizes the introduction thereby highlighting the main rant.

  9. Maurie Freed

    I have been introduced by an emcee many times and have often been astounded by how they have embellished my resume.Their words have left me wondering if I live up to the hype. In other words, too much ado. I adore the play by the Bard by the way “Much Ado about Nothing.” That should tip us all off right there!

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