Use this little known sound engineer’s trick to have a richer vocal sound

Years ago I moved to Portland, Oregon to pursue my fame and fortune as a songwriter. As a full time professional speaker/trainer, I don’t have to tell you how that turned out.

Along the way I did a bunch of sound engineering for bands and in studios. Here’s a simple trick anyone can do to make your voice sound warmer and richer.

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4 thoughts on “Use this little known sound engineer’s trick to have a richer vocal sound

  1. Mike

    GREAT TIP! My podcast listeners thank you, Roger. Or, maybe, I should say – our awesome sound editor that probably wants to punch me in the neck every time I POP from being too head-on to the mic. Can’t wait to bust out my dramatic low-voice in next week’s episode. Thanks!

  2. Gary Monti

    Thanks for the refresh. Totally forgot about this! How simple. BTW, one problem I have is with breathing noises.

    Getting back to richer vocals – Audition CS6 has a “podcaster” effect which sounds very rich.

    1. TheVP

      You’re welcome, Gary. And thanks for the extra tip about Audition!

      FYI for the rest of you, if you can use an equalizer on your sound (and don’t have something built in like Audition or GarageBand or Audacity), you can bring out a additional warmth in the 150-300hz range (depending on your voice).

      BUT…here’s another tip from the world of sound engineering… the more you can do at the source (like correctly placing the microphone) instead of using signal processing later on, the less noise and complication you’ll introduce into the whole process.


  3. Donnie Bryant

    Great tip, Roger!

    As I spend more time recording audio for use online, this information will become increasingly valuable.

    Thanks, as always!

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