What interactions do attendees find most engaging? (survey, see results)

The number of choices for interacting in a webinar or virtual classroom are many. Is there one that attendees prefer to another?

Survey purpose:
Here we’ll explore preferences and suggestions for webinar/virtual classroom interactions so we can better understand how we as virtual presenters/classroom leaders can improve participation.

When you submit your response you will be able to see the results from all participants.


2 thoughts on “What interactions do attendees find most engaging? (survey, see results)

  1. Shannon

    I took the survey but was not able to see the results. No obvious link on the “thank you” page. Just a “learn more” button to sign up with Survey Monkey…user error perhaps but just in case it isn’t, thought I’d let you know.

    1. TheVP

      Oh my, I’m SO sorry Shannon. I forgot to flip the switch so you could see the results at the end (and their default button said “show me the results” so I thought I had). Entirely my bad. It’s fixed now for all.

      Tried to email you the results but have a bum email address for you. Contact me and I’ll get those to you.


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