What would you recommend to a virtual presenter?

Want to be quoted in a book or whitepaper?

You’re in luck ~ I’m writing both and need your quote submissions.

The essence is this:  what is your experience with online presentations?  It can be from an attendee’s perspective OR a presenter’s perspective, and it should be geared toward being helpful…what would you like to tell online presenters about how to improve their online presentations?

Obviously I can’t use them all, but here’s your potential benefit:

If you complete the survey where I’m studying online presentation best practices (for the whitepaper), you can win an iPod touch.

If you want to shoot me a quote for the book, I’ll send a free copy of the book to the first 50 who respond.  roger (at sign) 1080group (dot) com will get you there.

I appreciate it, and so will the readers who benefit from the book.  Thanks for “paying it forward!”

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