Business card dos and don’ts

I found this tasty tidbit in a press release.

When DO you hand someone a business card?

Do not give your card within the first few seconds of meeting someone.

Do wait until they ask you for it. Your job is to pour out so much value during the conversation that they will beg you for a way to keep in touch you.

When given a card, do not write on the front or back– that would be akin to taking a permanent marker and writing across their forehead!

Do study the card with utmost respect– we have something to learn from Asian cultures in this matter.

Don’t stuff the card in a back pocket or cram it into an already-full wallet

Do place the card carefully into an appropriate card holder–ideally, it should have one pocket for your own cards and another for cards you receive.

A card is someone’s entire corporate ego wrapper into a little piece of paper. Beware…

I don’t know the author, but here’s her web site


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