Learning from each other

You’re a presenter, trainer, marketer, sales person.  You know stuff.  And it’s likely that you from time to time you need to remind yourself how much you know that is of value to others.

I’m inspired today by a nice note I got from a training manager at Nationwide (we should all take a reminder in the power of reaching out and making someone’s day).  Today Ms. M made my day:

“Great information and delivery! I have been designing and facilitating online training for the last 5 years and I’m always looking for information to help build my skills in this area. Although much of what you addressed in this webinar are things I practice now I did pick up a few ideas I hadn’t thought of. Not only do I train soft skills using this environment but I also provide train the trainer for those in my organization new to training in this environment. I loved the idea of using the registration information to better know your audience before they attend your sessions.”

This means a lot coming from another pro, and I have no doubt that if I sat in one of Ms. M’s classes, the tables would turn.

Many ‘little’ things you know are new to someone else…and no matter how experienced you are, there’s more to learn from that same someone else.

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