Dear MPI Oregon friends,

Below you’ll find what I mentioned during our time together…plus some extras. Note: This page will come down in 15 days, so grab what you want now.

The 5-minute pre-class on hybrid event value

Watch it on YouTube


The  handout/worksheet

MPIOregon Handout


The extra papers




Two of my white papers




Webinar: Engaging Conference Participants on Mobile Devices, Demo of SlideKlowd


Roger’s mail list

I’d be honored to have you on  my twice-monthly email list. The main thing I share are tips related to online meetings, virtual classes, and presenting online.

My ‘giveaway is a tutorial about turning bullet points into visuals…and the PowerPoint shapes template I use is included. Obviously you can unsubscribe at anytime.


P.S. I speak on engaging audiences that you can’t see, but I keynote on trends/technology, leading in a digital world, and connectorship. As a consultant/coach, I also help organizations with RFPs, do speaker coaching for virtual and hybrid presentations, and how to adapt learning curriculum to online classrooms.

Roger Courville’s Conference Promise

Give me a ring or shoot me an email: +1.503.329.1662 or roger (at sign) thevirtualpresenter (dot) (com)

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