Odds, ends, Vidyo, and Act Conferencing’s Teem

Down, but not out
A little catch up here… on a personal note, I had a surprise brush with mortality, surgery, and the requisite drugs and downtime. I don’t recommend it.

Views and Reviews
One thing I’ve not done a lot of of late is offer up notes about conferencing companies, but I’ve had requests to offer a few more insights there. In the coming days watch for a couple thoughts about Vidyo and Act Teleconferencing‘s new Teem product. Note that as usual I’ll focus predominantly on the user-experience analysis.

Upcoming webinars
I’ve vacillated on whether to try to post all my public webinars in the blog. I’d love it if you weighed in (blog comment or send me an email: roger at-sign 1080Group-dot-com). Here’s why I go back and forth: unlike many sites, I focus on a communication horizontally…some will be for sales people, others for HR/Learning/Development, yet others for Marketing. Marketing “wisdom” is to segment your list to avoid fatigue and irrelevance, but your RSS or email feed of this blog isn’t that selective. Let me know what you think. Example: next week I’m partnering with Ray Taylor of BI Worldwide to talk about the pragmatics of shortening sales cycles with web conferencing.

Next week I’ll be visiting a client and vendor in New York City, followed by a private client workshop in Allentown, PA. If you’re in Allentown and have a few folks who might want to connect for food or beverages on the 4th or 5th in those locales (respectively), ping me.


Thanks for faithfully making the virtual communications space a better place to be.


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