Tribute to Quinn

I didn’t know Quinn Driscoll, but my business partner Scott did quite well.

Quinn was Scott’s son.

Word completely fail in a moment like this, when a 13 year old young man suddenly collapses and dies.  My heart bursts for my longtime friend and business partner.

Let me tell you about Quinn by what I know about his father.

His father loved being his father.  Coaching, exploring, learning.  Scott’s an involved dad, a precious commodity we can all learn from.

His father has a generous heart.  He gives his time, he gives his money.

His father is a visionary.  He understands the implications of circumstances, statistics, trends.

His father is an encourager.  He loves coaching kids’ ball teams, realizing he has a rare chance to be a strong male role model in the lives of many kids who may not have that.

And his father is a friend.  He has given me encouragement, vision, and a belief in myself one values more highly than money.

I’ve little doubt that Quinn would have been all this and more, standing on the strong shoulders of his dad.



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