How presenting live, via the web, is different. An intro.

One of the biggest problems with presenting online is a failure to adapt to the medium.  Over and over I see experienced presenters, whether public speaking pros or senior corporate execs, deliver LAME online presentations because they either don’t see it or they fail to heed it.

And that’s the passion behind this blog.

Of the many examples:

  • Offline you read the room by watching and eye contact, online you read the room by looking at tools.
  • Offline if you use bullet points, people sleep in their chairs.  Online they log out.
  • Offline you’re taught to use very few slides.  Online you’re dead if you don’t use a lot of slides (don’t choke ~ call me or stay tuned, I’ll explain).
  • Offline the corporate .ppt pros remember take the room into consideration.  But the corporate .ppt pros forget to take the online “room” into consideration.
  • Offline .ppt builds work great.  Online they should be used sparingly (and there are other ways to achieve the same effect).

You get the idea.  And if I have anything to do with it, you’ll become a rock star.

The medium changes the game.  Don’t suck.  Embrace the medium.

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  1. Janice McCormick

    Thank you for this blog!

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