Meet Brainshark

I had the pleasure recently of speaking with fellow industry veteran Irwin Hipsman, the Director of Customer Community Programs at Brainshark.  Given that we’ve both in this biz for a decade and my logo-Brainsharkprevious company actually partnered with them, I’m not quite sure how our paths never crossed until now.

Brainshark has always been on my ‘cool’ list for a couple reasons:

One, they make authoring on-demand content easy, but unlike the audio-visual recordings you get from most web conferencing vendors, their platform has integrated surveys that feeds ongoing reporting.

Two, the editing of recordings from web conferencing vendors is either minimal or non-existent…something you can do with Brainshark.

(Side note for my typical conferencing-for-webinars crowd – many vendors allow you to download a file for use in an a/v editing suite, but I’m not counting that… while possible, it’s not distinctive as a competency and requires you to figure out how to upload the finished file somewhere, spell FTP, or other such barrier to productivity.  This isn’t a slam against them by any means – live conferencing and content authoring for on-demand playback are two very different things.)

Even though Brainshark’s offering is, at its core, a tool for creating on-demand content, they integrate nicely with live conferencing tools for so you have both use-cases covered.  And it sounds like other challenges that begin to occur in an organization – such as updating content – are nicely covered by the latest developments they’ve made, too.

While there are countless ways to use on-demand content, I imagine Brainshark would be particularly useful for when you need to communicate quickly with (and THROUGH) a lot of folks like channel partners or distributors where you need to get a message to someone who will relay it to someone etc.  Create – send – update – send again…nice!

Worth a peek.


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