Meet Maestro Conference

Nothing is as infectious as passion, true?

I had the pleasure recently of speaking with Brian Burt, CEO of Maestro Conference.    And I admit, I found it exciting to hear him describe, with passion, Maestro’s approach to innovation in an industry (audio conferencing) that needs both passion and innovation.MaestroConference

I’ll let you check out Maestro’s website for more info, but a few highlights include the following:

Breakout sessions

Whether the call has 10 or 10,000 participants, callers can be enabled to break out into smaller collaborative groups for discussion and later rejoin the larger call.

“Buy now”

Want to make sales on-the-spot or let participants indicate they want follow-up contact.  No problem.

Automated reminders

While Maestro doesn’t currently offer a web conferencing or screen sharing technology (which is where most of us in the web seminar space are used to enabling audience reminders), they do offer this for conference calls.  Nice.

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