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I love Twitter (@1080Group), in part because I love making connections like recently meeting Blaine Ung, co-founder of (@WebinarHero).  The Twitter connection turned into a phone call, and I thought I’d encourage you to check out what he’s got cooking.  WebinarHero

WebinarHero seeks to help webinar organizers and online educators solve a big challenge:  promoting their events.  Posting your webinars on their Searchable Webinar Calendar is free when you create an account.

What I appreciated about my conversation with Blaine is realizing that he fully understands the challenge webinar promoters face and is committed to creating a site that becomes an invaluable resource for anyone needing to improve the visibility of their presentation or class.

The site’s still in beta, and there is some cool stuff coming that I’m not at liberty to share here, but check it out.  A free place to get in front of more eyeballs is a good thing for many, many people.

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  1. Hero

    This great information and a great website. I’m following 1080 and webinarhero thanks… bro!

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