Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Rachel Levy, founder of  An enthusiastic fan of webinars in general, Rachel saw an opportunity in the burgeoning field of webinar promotion services.

Simply, is a place that organizations can get their webinars in front of more eyeballs, and those eyeballs, of course, are visitors to the site looking for content that’s relevant to them.

This is good news.  A common challenge for many organizations is where to get additional exposure for their webinar.  And the basic service is free.  Nada.  Zip.

As you’d expect, a business can’t give away everything for free and still be a business, and does, indeed, have premium services to increase the reach and frequency of your message getting out – especially to sources beyond the website.  There’s a long list of services from email to social media to premium positioning for you to choose from.  You can learn more about that here.

Given that most webinars could always benefit from more “butts in seats,” it’s likely that most webinar promoters could benefit from an extra place to get exposure, and might just be an opportunity for you to explore.

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