Meeting planners: a chance to get ahead

Over a decade in the virtual events business I’ve been part of numerous blended meeting experiences using both face-to-face and virtual components.  And I’ve had the chance to speak to many traditional meeting planners as a result.  puzzle_123rf_4510100_blog

So what’s better or right?

The question isn’t one of ‘right or wrong.’

But the puzzle IS changing, and there’s new stuff to figure out.

As I note in this recent interview for meeting planners for PlannerWire (@plannerwire), the TV industry didn’t put movies out of business.  More recently, Napster didn’t put record companies out of business either.

Lesson learned:  get ahead of it or get left behind.

Movie studios are now releasing movies on DVD or on cable nearly synonymously with theater release.  After spending years fighting it, they’re actually capitalizing on it.  Record companies weren’t so smart, and now you own an iPod and iPod owns the market.

If you’re a meeting planner and reading this, please take this as encouragement, not a flogging.  It’s an opportunity, not a threat.  Shift happens, as they say, and I sincerely think you can extend your value as trusted advisor.

While you’re at it, you might check out Jeff Hurt’s blog (@jeffhurt)… he’s a forward-thinker that might just be a key part of your successful navigation of new waters.

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