Verbal impact: repeat for emphasis and transition

There are multiple ways to deliver a point with emphasis, and since web/audio conferencing events (mostly) eliminate the value of you waving your arms around wildly.

One of my favorite speakers, whose personal mission is teaching, is a master a repeating his key phrases.  Not only does he repeat the soundbite when he makes the point, but he brilliantly transitions to the next point by repeating his first.

The lesson learned, if we feebly attempt to turn it into a formula, looks like this:

1.  Literally repeat the phrase.  If appropriate, change up where you place an accent.

“Sometimes the the enemy of the best is the good.  Sometimes the enemy of the best is the good.”

2.  Use a repeat of the phrase both to summarize and close that point, but also to set up or transition to the next point

“…sometimes the enemy of the best is the good.  And what does this demand of us?  We can’t say NO to good things until we get clear on the one thing. We can’t say no to good things… until we get clear on the one thing.”

Repeat for emphasis and transition

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