Presentation impact: grab a pen

Another quick point about creating impact when delivering a virtual presentation:  tell ’em to grab a pen.

When you’re coming up on one of your key points in a virtual presentation, remember a common 1080 Group exhortation:  assume they’re multitasking.

Q:  So how do you get their attention?

A:  Get literal.  Pause, say “Are you ready?  Grab a pen.”

One, you create some anticipation.  They don’t know what is going to come next.  But in a world raised on radio ads spouting 800 numbers at you when you can’t write anything down, I find this works.

Two, you’re communicating that ‘this is important.’  And, well, it is.  Or it better be.

Deliver influence in your presentation by getting the audience to remember the key points.  Tell ’em to grab a pen.

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