What would Spock say about video conferencing?

As Spock put it, “Insufficient facts always invite danger.” 

So, what do 1200 people say they want to see in a video conference?

Hint: There’s a difference between what we’re doing and what they said.

I confess I’m a little late in posting this, but last summer I had the privilege of conducting an extensive, worldwide survey of video conferencing leaders and attendees.

The result: There’s a difference between what we think we’re doing well and what attendees think we’re doing well. Interestingly-but-not-surprisingly, different parts of the world have different opinions about what drives value for their organizations (organisations? :)).

This paper, sponsored by Citrix Online (@GoToMeeting), explores the behavioral aspects of effective virtual meetings. As I’m sure you can appreciate, getting the paper requires registration.

Enjoy. And prosper.

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