When NOT to repeat

Are you learning something new every day?  At least doing enough poking around to be reminded of things that you once bumped into previously but forgot?

Tom Antion is one of the first people I started reading before there were blogs, multi-tabbed browsers, or web conferencing and online presentation tools.

He points out that when using humor, you do NOT want to repeat a punchline.  To which my little brain leaps and goes AHA!  If you have to repeat the punchline, you probably didn’t tell the joke very well and you probably didn’t prepare as much as you should have!

And in so doing I realize (and now confess!) a bit of my own bias…   I’m almost entirely immersed presenting to educate or motivate (as in ‘sell’ or get someone to take an action) and teach others to do just that.  I therefore approach most presentations with one thing I teach:

If tomorrow morning your audience remembers a scant couple things you said, what are those things (and does your presentation put all its might behind delivering those messages)?

Learn to repeat for emphasis and memorability… when it’s appropriate to your presentation.

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