Presentation Gym

presentationgym is a German-based organization with a fabulous means of rehearsing presentations. Our own Katie Stroud is delivers 1080 Group sessions via presentationgym. Watch for more to come in the way of 1080 Group announcements here.

To get fit you need to exercise. This is as true for your presentation and communication skills, as it is for running a marathon.

What presentationgym offers

Strategic communication training over the web for anyone who wants to seriously improve their presentation skills.


  • Continuous improvement of any form of presentation, speech or online communication
  • Fits around your schedule and location
  • Simple, web-based interface
  • Measurable success and Return On Investment
  • Watch and learn from the world’s best speakers
  • Compliments existing training investment
  • 1:1 coaching with international experts

Our products

9 Week Workout

Dramatically improve your ability to deliver persuasive and focused presentations by preparing and delivering 4 presentations over a 9 week period. Work with a coach to quickly identify your strengths and areas for development; then get to work improving structure, content and delivery.

Single Presentation Workout

Have an expert review your presentation before an important meeting. Work with a coach of your choice to skillfully craft one presentation for your specific target audience.…where your softskills work.




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