Set your moderator up for success

One reality of most webinars is they aren’t moderated by professionals with experience in being a moderator, emcee, or host.  This isn’t an indictment, just an observation that leads to a couple ideas you can use to set yourself up for success.  If you’re speaking at a webinar, do yourself a favor:

Unless your surname is Smith, be sure to tell the moderator how to pronounce your name.

You get two big benefits:

Your audience gets started with better momentum

It doesn’t help anyone to have the moderator stumble over pronouncing your name correctly.  You’re not going to turn someone into a radio personality, but you will save them kicking off your webinar with some mush-mouth intro that starts you in a momentum hole.

Your audience will have better a connection with YOU

People connect with people, and in today’s global environment your surname doesn’t have to be Smith to be acceptable.  But what if someone in the audience wants to call you after the webinar?  Help ’em out!

Your audience will be able to refer you more easily

What if you want to have the audience at least remember you and be able to tell someone about you?  Nobody wants to look foolish in front of a peer, and if they can’t pronounce your name, it’s less likely they’ll share.

Help your moderator help you.  Tell them how to pronounce your name.

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