The Virtual Presenter’s 102 Tips for Online Meetings

The-Virtual-Presenters-102-Tips-For-Online-Meetings-Roger-Courville-CoverTo suggest that online meetings should replace in-person meetings would be irresponsible, but suggesting that online meetings are a second-rate alternative is equally so. Both are important to a competitive, contemporary leadership, management, and communication strategy.

This book has no anecdotes, blooper stories, theory, or conjecture. It’s just a collection of quick, success-acceleration tips guided by this value: If even one idea improves your online meetings (multiplied times all the meeting participants and multiplied times all the meetings you’ll ever be part of), it’ll have paid for itself many times over.

Table of Contents

Creating Value with Online Meetings

  • 6 Ways to Improve Stakeholder Value Beyond Saving Travel Expenses
  • 3 Unexpected Ways to Use Web Conferencing

Before Your Online Meeting

  • 8 Ideas for Better Meeting Invitations
  • 3 Ways to Get Other Presenters Ready
  • 5 Tips to Improve Managing Meeting Technology and Processes
  • 6 Tips for Meetings with Mixed Off and Online Participants
  • 7 Things to Do to Improve Satisfaction with Online Meetings
  • 4 Tips for Improving Mobile Meetings

During Your Online Meeting

  • 4 Ideas for Adapting In-Person Activities to Online Meetings
  • 7 Ways to Improve Meeting Management
  • 13 Ways to Improve Attention
  • 4 Ways to Use an Agenda Better than a PowerPoint Slide
  • 6 Ideas for Getting More Out of Your Camera
  • 8 Ways to Work More Effectively
  • 4 Tips for Hearing and Being Heard
  • 10 Ideas for Troubleshooting

After the Online Meeting

  • 4 Ideas for Improving Post-Meeting Management


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